Thursday, October 29, 2009

so much vintage goodness

i could literally have taken a roll of glamor shots of these hankies from my swap partner, maryellen. they are heaven, and i just love them. a shot of them yesterday on the line that does not do them justice, but i can't get a better.

and there's more. a stack of autumn-y prints that i have an idea for, a big bunch of ric rac i am dying to use, all atop this sweet swedish tablecloth that reminds us of our favorite swedish diner in chicago, svea. we will have many a brunch upon it.

here is a mess of most excellent buttons, resting on hankies amid the massive piles of embroidery floss she sent (most of it is not pictured. seriously massive.).

more fabric. i'm thinking these may become bags? though i do often end up using things for their intended purpose like that tablecloth up there. and those cowboy ranch curtains are purty sweet.

i am so grateful for maryellen's outrageous generosity. i had so much fun exchanging e-mails before our actual postal exchange! you can enjoy more of maryellen at her official site as well:

it's a bit embarrassing for me to be showing off like this. really, that's more good fortune than any one person could hope for. and then i ended up at a nearby estate sale and...

a little red tea embroidery on each corner of this towel

how could i resist the knitter? in a bonnet?!

i think this may be the most phenomenal needlework i own. cross-stitched tablecloth. ah!


renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I love the embroidered knitting woman!
So happy to have discovered your blog, I will come back and explore soon, but time now for some evening handwork :)

kendra said...

it's a crafting two-fer! : ) thanks, renee!