Wednesday, November 11, 2009


i finally got my long-awaited weekend sewing from the library. too much loveliness for one weekend. though other projects pulled me, i couldn't get my mind off the little zippered bag. i needed such a bag. and the zipper was truly tantalizing after seeing some others' work with them. plus, i had this fabric from maryellen that was just begging me to become this bag.

the adorable lining is made from the fabric below, which i used a bit of to stitch up a little hair-band bag to go in my massive bathroom bag (measuring issues there). i think i basically followed the drawstring bag instructions from linen, cotton, wool. (it's on hold at the library again!)

i actually cut enough material for another zipper-bag. it has yet to hit the ironing board & sewing machine, but it is ready to go! like it?


Andrea said...

The bag is cute! After waiting several months to get Weekend Sewing from the library, it spent the entire 3 weeks under a pile of clean laundry in my sunroom...then had to go back because six more people had it on hold...oops.

Imene said...

I was just looking at the cosmetic bag this afternoon and thinking I should make it

stinkyflowers said...

Aaahhhh....I'm so happy you were able to use the fabrics! I think I can hear them singing "free at last, free at last!" after being imprisoned for years in my fabric bins! The bags are adorable, Kendra!



kendra said...

thanks for all the sweet bag props! i am now hold #83 on 26 copies of weekend sewing at the library!