Wednesday, November 25, 2009


here's that project i was hinting at. another inspiration from maryellen's goodies. those autumnal prints were just begging me to become a banner (sort of a mix of alicia paulson's birthday banner and amanda soule's dream banner). another friend of mine makes similar banners in paper, and i loved the 'blessings' banner that adorned her family's living space for some time. i initially intended to make multiples for family gifts and to mix the fabrics, but simplicity won out. i think it looks just perfect. i have an idea for the back too - just wait! i'm very excited to add this grateful reminder to our home during these grey months. we are feeling extremely thankful today for our countless blessings. thanks to you!


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stinkyflowers said...

Wow! I am so "Thankful" that you were my swap partner! My heart sings everytime I visit your blog and see the magic you make with the things I sent you. Thanks for bringing my visions of making "something" out of that fabric come to life!